Parliamentary questions on MPs likely to cause tension

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There will be no PNQ this week

There will be no PNQ this week

Xavier-Luc Duval, leader of the opposition, will serve his suspension this week with no Private Notice Question (PNQ) as a result. It means that we will head directly into parliamentary questions with a few of the queries, focused on fellow MPs, likely to cause controversy and tension within the National Assembly.

MP Rajesh Bhagwan will turn his attention to Sanjeev Teeluckdharry and Ravi Rutnah following their performance in the Michaela Harte case. Bhagwan will ask for an update on the disciplinary committee that has been set against them and whether action will be taken against the two controversial MPs. The Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) veteran is also keen to get an update on the Fact Finding Committee set up concerning the employment of Youshreen Choomka. A question by Reza Uteem on Showkutally Soodhun and his death threat could also raise the noise level within parliament this week. 

Going back to the weekly dose of questions on the BAI scandal, MP Osman Mohamed will ask for “a list of the individuals, pension funds, parastatal and Government organisations” that took out their money from the Bramer Banking Corporation in the week leading up to the revocation of its licence. As a matter of fact, since his departure from government, former minister of financial services, Roshi Bhadain, has fielded a number of questions on whether or not he removed money from the bank during that week – an accusation that he has dismissed. It remains to be seen whether Sudhir Sesungkur, current minister of financial services, will be willing to give answers to that question.

Drugs are also likely to be at the centre of the debate with MP Ravi Rutnah asking about the amount of drugs seized since January 2017 and the number of suspects involved. On the other hand, MP Veda Baloomoody will ask about an incident involving drug kingpin Siddick Islam, the discovery of a dangerous substance in his cell and whether arrests have been made as a result.

On top of these parliamentary questions, a motion against Kalyan Tarolah is also likely to be debated this week even though the former parliamentary private secretary will probably not be present to defend himself. 

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