Chairman of La Sentinelle heads to CCID as Yerrigadoogate drags on

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Philippe Forget, chairman of La Sentinelle, at the CCID.

Philippe Forget, chairman of La Sentinelle, and Suresh Moorlah, journalist from l’express, made their way to the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) on Thursday 12 October in the wake of the Yerrigadoogate.

Forget gave a written statement to the police, arguing that there was no conspiracy nor any sequestration. Moorlah, an experienced court reporter, explained his role in revealing the scandal to the public. Ravi Yerrigadoo was forced to step down as attorney general based on documentary evidence against him provided by a whistleblower.

Husein Abdool Rahim, the whistleblower, has since been accused of sextortion and is facing swindling charges in a separate case. He also accused journalists from l’express of having manipulated him into swearing an inaccurate affidavit – a fact dismissed by MP Shakeel Mohamed who met him before he contacted any other journalists from l’express. Along with Forget, four journalists and one driver from La Sentinelle have been interrogated by the CCID so far.

The Yerrigadoogate has also caused major uncertainty on the political scene. Following the resignation of Yerrigadoo from his ministerial position, he was replaced by Maneesh Gobin as attorney general. However, that left open the position of chief whip, with parliament set to resume in a couple of weeks.

The current deputy chief whip is controversial politician Ravi Rutnah, who is also set to face the wrath of parliament after his very own scandal where he used derogatory terms against women. 

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