Le bilan de la Bonne gouvernance, selon Bhadain

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Roshi Bhadain a fait le bilan de son ministère sur Facebook, le samedi 4 juin.

Roshi Bhadain a fait le bilan de son ministère sur Facebook, le samedi 4 juin.

Face aux critiques émises contre le ministère de la Bonne gouvernance, le ministre responsable de ce  portefeuille, Roshi Bhadain, a émis un communiqué sur Facebook, le samedi 4 juin. Il fait, en trente points, le bilan du travail abattu pendant les dix-huit derniers mois.

Le ministre cite, entre autres, la promulgation de la Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Act 2015, la mise sur pied de l’Integrity Reporting Agency ainsi que le DTAC avec l’Inde. Il parle aussi de l’affaire BAI.

Ci-dessous le post de Roshi Bhadain.

What we managed to do in 18 Months
30 main accomplishments

1.The Constitution of Mauritius amended to include the concept of ‘Unexplained Wealth’;

2.‘Good Governance and Integrity Reporting Act 2015’ (“GGIR”) was enacted;

3.‘Integrity Reporting Agency’ set up to recover illicit and unexplained wealth;

4.‘Asset Recovery Unit’ structured under the FIU to recover criminal proceeds effectively;

5.Good Governance Reviews: (a) malpractices at MBC; (b) Betamax – re: freight procurement contract; 
(c) commissions paid to Frydu in Switzerland on sale of duty-free goods; (d) Air Mauritius - purchase of six Airbus; (e) malpractices re: Bagatelle Dam; (f) irregularities at Air Mauritius Cargo; and (g) contracts review at Open University;

6.Enhancing ‘Governance & Oversight Structures’ of para-statal organisations: (a) Positions of ‘Executive Chairman’ have been abolished; (b) Chairpersons and CEOs have clearly distinct responsibilities; (c) Chairpersons operate in a part-time capacity; and (d) Board membership and Chairperson’s fees for para-statals capped under 3 categories;

7.Report of the Director of Auditrecommendations reviewed for implementation with defined KPIs and deadlines set by our team;

8.Concluded DTAC with South Africa (pending for 3 years) with certainty for investors;

9.Finalised DTAC with India (after 10 years) with certainty & predictability for investors;

10.Re-activated the Financial Services Consultative Council (‘FSCC’) teaming up policy makers, regulators & operators to share views and strategic issues – 8 meetings held;

11.Financial Services Promotion Agency(‘FSPA’) set up to promote Mauritius as a transparent International Financial Centre of substance and repute;

12.Financial Services Institute(‘FSI’) set up to curb skills mismatch of young graduates;

13.‘Mauritius International Financial Centre’ (‘MiFC’) was officially launched;

14.Mauritius removed from blacklist of 4 countries; and promoted Mauritius IFC in interviews with: BBC World; Economic Times; Rajya Sabha TV; CNBC Africa etc;

15.The Captive Insurance Act 2015 enacted to enhance our financial services offerings;

16.The ‘Hit and Run’ Insurance Compensation Fund set up to assist victims;

17.The Insurance (Amendment) Act 2015 passed to protect 134,000 life insurance policy holders with investments of Rs. 4.5 billion by setting up the ‘NIC Ltd’;

18.National Property Fund Limited(‘NPFL’) set up to repay the victims of the BAI fraud; 10,211 out of 16,341 victims (re: 63%) of ‘Super Cash Back Gold’; and 1,444 out of 3,486 investors of Bramer Asset Management have been repaid in full and final settlement;

19.    93% of jobs saved (3,900 employees) in the ex-BAI group, the remaining compensated and/or placed in the ‘workfare programme’;

20.‘Surveillance Functions’ of Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) reinforced: enforcement actions increased by 60% from 49 in 2014 to 77 in 2015;

21.Passed a UN Resolution at the UNCAC State Parties Conference in St Petersburg for Mauritius to be the Anti-Corruption platform for SIDS;

22.Linked up Mauritius IFC with the ‘City of London’ to promote financial services together and signed an MoU with the Lord Mayor of London;

23.Hosted the United Nations Convention on Transparency in 2015, which is now known as the ‘Mauritius Convention on Transparency’;

24.Hosted the 23rd International Congress on Commercial Arbitration with 800 international delegates from 71 countries, including the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Mohamed El Baradei, Ministers, Law Lords and Chief Justices;

25.Set up first hearing centre of the Permanent Court of Arbitration outside the Hague;

26.MoU with Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (‘DMCC’) to set up a Commodities and Spot Trading platform in Mauritius;

27.MoU with National Stock Exchange of India to set up ‘Derivatives Trading Platform’ for Africa linked indices and hedging of African currencies against USD in Mauritius;

28.Linked up the ‘Johannesburg Stock Exchange’ with SEM for capacity building and to develop ‘Dual Listing’ and new products;

29.Linked up the ‘Dubai Financial Services Authority’ (‘DFSA’) and the ‘Dubai International Financial Centre’ (‘DIFC’) with FSC and our Ministry to enhance regulatory framework; compliance; capacity building and new product development;

30.Negotiated and obtained a ‘Financial Assistance Grant’ of MUR. 12,700,000,000 (USD 353 million) from Government of India for major capital projects, including Heritage City and the new Financial Services City (MiFC), which will enhance GDP growth.

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