Economic Mission Statement: les bons mots de SAJ

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 SAJ a prononcé son discours sur l’Economic Mission Statement, samedi 22 août.

 SAJ a prononcé son discours sur l’Economic Mission Statement, samedi 22 août.

Il a fallu une heure et 23 pages de discours à sir Anerood Jugnauth pour présenter la feuille de route du gouvernement qui devrait mener vers le deuxième «miracle économique». Voici quelques phrases clés prononcées par le Premier ministre.

·        «History is not written by prophets of gloom and doom. It is written by achievers.»

·        «From misery we have built a modern nation, based on trust, hard work and sharing»

·        «The bulldozer is at work and will no doubt continue to clean whatever may still be hidden under the carpet»

·        «As a Prime Minister, I am not here to make promises. I am here to say to the Nation that the second economic miracle is well within our reach».

·        «There is no magic solution to addressing the issues of unemployment and poverty».

·        «I am taking personal interest in looking into the possibility of setting up a regional airline company in Mauritius to connect us to mainland Africa with the active participation of our national carrier Air Mauritius».

·        «We shall unlock issues that stand as stumbling blocks of investments. Unjustified delays will not be tolerated and sanctions will be taken».

·        «I want the public service to be efficient and creative because I have relieved you from the Jurassic claws that held you immobile under the previous regime».

·        «After rotten fruits would have fallen and new flowers budding out, the harvest will be abundant for one and all».

·        «William Shakespeare rightly said: I quote: It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves».

Vision 2030: voici l’intégralité du plan de SAJ

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