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What’s really behind the war between ICAC and the DPP?

The government seems to have stepped onto another political landmine in its handling of the Sun Tan affair involving the DPP. So why does the DPP feel that he is being pushed to resign over a four-year-old case? And what does this case say about dysfunction at the top of our system?


Citizen X: “It appears we have just signed up to a one-sided protocol in favour of India.”

Our readers will have noticed that since the polemic around the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with India started, no-one wanted to talk on-record. Fears are being ventilated by economic operators and economic observers but no-one wants to chance angering the authorities. As we could not deprive you of getting a perspective on the changes in the DTAA with India, a topical subject which we deem to be too important to ignore, we have accepted for our interviewee this week to remain anonymous. So here are Citizen X’s views on the treaty and the economic situation in general.


Lifestyle and weight loss: Does going vegetarian help?

Many celebrities these days attribute their slim physique to their vegetarian diet. More and more people are turning to a vegetarian diet for the health benefits. But will switching to a vegetarian diet really help you to lose weight?


The many faces of Eid

OK, so you already knew that countries with Muslim populations, including your own, go all in during Eid ul-Fitr but what happens in less obvious places where Muslims live, such as multicultural France and the distant shores of northern Europe? With the festival just around the corner, Weekly sheds light on the many, many faces of Eid.

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