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Boycott of the municipals: The economic war on the Labour Party

The Labour Party yesterday decided to boycott the municipal elections citing the financial squeeze that the party is going through with the government cracking down on Ramgoolam’s finances. So, is the government waging a protracted economic war on the Labour Party? Why is Labour on shaky ground in challenging all this? 


Smart Cities: What do they really mean?

Building eight smart cities features high on the government’s agenda. During the parliamentary session last week, Minister of Finance Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo said that the eight smart city projects have already been approved by the cabinet. But what are smart cities and who will benefit from them? Weekly investigates.


Secondary schools: The kids aren’t alright

The viral video showing a schoolgirl being violently attacked by other pupils and the recent case of the 13-year-old whose bullies allegedly broke her arm shocked the nation – but Mauritius isn’t doing itself any favour by demonising a few teenage bullies. Kids who hit their schoolmates until their bones break are not the source of the problem. They are merely a product of a system that appears to be letting its children down.


Why it’s so important to get behind the maternity leave extension

The government last week voted in changes to the labour law, which extended maternity leave entitlement from 12 to 14 weeks. Although no political party has opposed it, employers’ lobbies have already started taking exception to it. Why is it so important to support the extension? And, why is maternity leave one of the most important legislative topics for the future of Mauritius?


Identity theft surging in Mauritius: Are you next in line?

The number of Mauritians whose identities have been stolen as a consequence of over-sharing personal information online is going through the roof, according to cyber security sources. Yet, few realise how exposed they are to ID theft, or that they leave enormous tracks behind each time they go online.

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