Weekly: Special edition on tertiary education in Mauritius

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Higher education: Options to consider

This week, Weekly takes a look at the options available for students choosing to study further within Mauritius. From exploring the types of institutions and programmes to choose, right down to the new degrees and the types of scholarships available, we give it all.


Steven Obeegadoo: “In these difficult times, we need Paul Bérenger more than ever”

After the shocking defeat of the MMM-Labour Party’s Alliance de l'unité et de la modernité at the general election, Weekly talks to Steven Obeegadoo, member of the MMM politburo about the rumoured changes to the party’s leadership, the relevancy of its leader and where the MMM is heading.


The hyper-connected lifestyle: Four ways your smartphone can ruin your health

More than 75% of Mauritians have mobile phones, which makes the island the third most cell-phone loving country in sub-Saharan Africa. Our growing love for smartphones in particular, however, might well be a curse. This is how your gadget can break down your body and mind and what you can do about it.


The truth about the “new” MBC: Another slice of government propaganda?

The Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) is a propaganda machine that favours the government, the MSM party claimed when it was in the opposition. The question is: Has the MBC changed since the new government took over? Weekly calculated how much time ministers and government employees were given on the MBC news bulletins on three consecutive days.


Digital Nation: Make it real

We have been talking about it for two decades now but we are, in comparison to other countries, lagging far behind. Why do we need to crank up the ‘digital’ gear more than ever before?

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