Weekly: Headlines of the new edition 4- 10 decembre 2014

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Election 2014: How do the manifestos compare?
The two major competing blocs in this election, the Labour-MMM’s Alliance de l'Unité et de la Modernité (AUM) and the MSM-PMSD-ML’s Alliance Lepep (AL) have both come out with their electoral programmes to attempt to woo the voters. What does each side offer the voter and what are the differences between what the two sides say they want to do?
Gerard Lincoln, Ernst and Young: “The public debt is within the norms. We need to borrow more”
Bold, with the right dose of cynicism, Gerard Lincoln has an analytical view of the manifestos of the two political alliances and offers us a fresh and refreshing look at the economic situation in general. While many economists have been ringing the alarm bell about our public debt, our guest feels otherwise…
Studying in the US: Does it still make sense to chase the American dream?
The land of the free has never really boomed as a study destination among young Mauritians. Yet, US universities account for 18 of the top 50 places in the newly-released QS World University Rankings. What opportunities await Mauritian students in the US? Does it still make sense to pursue the American dream?
E-Commerce in Mauritius: What you should know about buying online
The rise of buying and selling on the internet is revolutionising retail all over the world. So why is it taking so long to take off in Mauritius? And what is it that people planning to buy their holiday gifts online this year should know?
Hard wisdom for scarce water
Should agricultural rather than residential use of water be restricted to alleviate the problem of water shortage?
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