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I was at this restaurant in Vale for the first time, with my family on the 2nd of September. We ordered drinks, which came quite quickly. Starters also came after a 10-minutes wait with a lot of confusion. There were 4 vegetarians in our group and 2 vegetable soup were ordered, however to our surprise, the waitress brought two bowls of chicken soup in front of the vegetarians.

We then had to wait for the vegetarian soup to be brought to the table. We then ordered our main course meals. Ordering was fine. Waiting was excruciating. We ordered the main at 19:45 and at 22:00, there was still no sign of food, we only had empty plates in front of us and nearly empty glasses of drinks. We asked the waitress and were told it would be there in 10 minutes. We waited, while our hunger and impatience started taking over.

Once, finally, the main course came. Some of the food was warm, not hot as it should be. The vegetarians in our group ordered lentil soup, vegetables fried, and farata. Luckily for the vegetarians, their food came first to the tables. While the meat-eaters had to wait another 10 minutes.

When one member of family (vegetarian) started having the lentil soup, she noticed something rough and hard texture in the soup while in her mouth. She took it out and put it on the nearest plate. Horribly that rough/hard textured material was pieces of crab scales/body in the lentil soup.

We went to the counter and asked to speak to the manager. The person at the counter said she will call the chef. The supposed 'chef' (a guy in black jeans and t-shirt with a bowler hat) came to speak to us. We told him we found this and asked what happened and we said we will not be paying for this cheap disgusting service, the only response from the 'chef' was, without ANY apology whatsoever for the fact that a vegetarian just found crab pieces in their lentil soup in their restaurant, said he will remove all the food from our tables, which he did get the waitress to do.

They took all the remaining food off the table, some partly eaten, some not. We had our drinks and left without giving them a penny. That restaurant does not deserve a single penny for the cheap disgusting service they provide.

I still wonder how one can have crab pieces in a vegetarian lentil soup. What the hell actually goes on in the restaurants’ kitchen? Are they mixing remaining food from other people's plates to serve to other customers? Where is the hygiene and ethic? And lastly, what did they do with the foods they removed from our table?

Most probably, someone else must have had it, unknowingly !

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