Par Satyajit BOOLELL
7 Mars 2014

Law enforcement and cooperation between different bodies are not enough to successfully prosecute perpetrators of violence at home. The author proposes alternative approaches…

Par Cassam Uteem
6 Mars 2014

The constant marginalisation of some people have impeded the success of MDGs. If this problem is not addressed, the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals will also be negatively affected.

Par Vedita Cowaloosur
4 Mars 2014

English is, by any definition of the term, the world language today. Call me compliant to the hegemony of the Anglophone world, or accuse me of being a Macaulite (he who claimed that “English is better worth knowing than Sanskrit or Arabic”). Flagellate me, if you would – but I firmly hold my ground on this.

Par Anil Gayan
3 Mars 2014

A new trend is emerging in our ‘plaisir’ country and I am sure that we shall get the rest of the world to stop and take notice. Facebook – pronounced by some not in the way that it should be but as an anatomical part of the human body- is being used as a platform for people in trouble to apologise...

Par Dr. Zina Valaydon
1 Mars 2014

Prenatal testing, when it was initially introduced, sparked enormous controversy but now that we’ve been doing it for donkey’s years, it’s common practice and not even remotely shocking.

26 Février 2014

L’écrivain mauricien Bertrand d’Espaignet souligne dans son ouvrage Les Bâtards de la République (2013) que «le Grand-Bassin a été un lac mystique pour les Marrons (esclaves déserteurs) aussi. Ils pensaient rejoindre l’Afrique ou Madagascar grâce à un tunnel sous la mer...

Par Anil Gayan
24 Février 2014

If one needs to know the state of health of the Remake, one just has to listen to what the representatives of the Party in power have to say at their insipid press conferences every Saturday. If there is no attack on the MMM then it is more than likely that the local Snowden will have briefed them about the ‘difficulties’ or , to say it in the language of this ‘plaisir’ country, the ‘macadams’ in the relations between the MMM and the MSM. But if it is otherwise, then you can safely assume otherwise.

Par Anand Moheeputh
20 Février 2014

“All is not well in the Labour par­ty”, so wrote Dr Seewoosagur Ram­goolam in his newspaper Advance in 1952 referring to the “clash of person­alities” raging within the Labour party. That was the time when Guy Rozemont was the leader of the party and the in­tegration of a new breed of politicians led by Ramgoolam consisting mostly of the elites from the Indian and co­loured population opened a new chap­ter in the history of the party hitherto largely dominated by the Creole work­ing class and vociferously militant in its approach.

Par Jean-Mée Desveaux
19 Février 2014

Analysant la foire d’empoigne sur le repo rate entre le gouverneur de la Banque de Maurice et Ali Mansoor dans une colonne intitulée «Rational expectations and irrational behaviour» dans l’express du 25 septembre 2013, nous exprimions le fait que l’analyse de l’ancien Financial Secretary était déroutante.

Par Anil Gayan
17 Février 2014

Last week brought another item of distressing news about those students in Engineering who, after having passed all prescribed examinations, find that their certificates are not recognized. We can all readily sympathize with them and their parents who must have spent a huge amount of money to get their sons and daughters to become degree holders.