10 Juin 2014

DUBAI – En 1968, alors que j’étudiais à la Mons Officer Cadet School en Grande Bretagne, je dû me rendre à l’hôpital. J’y rencontrai un médecin qui, à ma grande surprise, maîtrisait parfaitement l’arabe. Il me raconta qu’il venait d’arriver dans le pays.

9 Juin 2014

Certains seront choqués par le titre de cet écrit, et avec raison. Sauf que cette raison est vraisemblablement superficielle, dépourvue d’une analyse plus profonde des remous politiques ayant opérés récemment. Poursuivez la lecture.

Par Audrey Harelle
6 Juin 2014

De ne pas croire même. Flottent dans l’air des relents moyenâgeux ces derniers temps. Comme des miasmes d’inquisition et de mise à l’index. La foi se sent-elle à ce point menacée qu’elle doive s’armer de la loi pour se protéger ? A l’instar des lois anti-blasphème ou anti- apostasie, punissant de mort, dans d’autres pays ?

Par Anand Moheeputh
4 Juin 2014

After the eagerly awaited victory of Modi, India is still in the limelight. The author talks about the prevalent illness which is the problem of caste.

Par Anil Gayan
2 Juin 2014

Prime Minister Modi moved into his official residence after just a coat of paint had been applied to the premises. He did not ask for luxury furniture etc and he has set the tone for a modest lifestyle in Government. What a contrast with the Rolls Royce mentality with personalized registration plates. The priority for PM Modi is to track black money and to win the battle against corruption.

Par Darren Savarimuthu
30 Mai 2014

Our parliament has gone silent, anaesthetised by our Prime Minister as he focuses on the much debated electoral reforms. Propelled by an unexplained sense of urgency the Leader of the House has utilised his authority to shut down the House of Parliament, keys thrown away, giving the parliamentarians unsolicited ‘days off’ while they continue to be paid by tax payers money.

28 Mai 2014

In the 2005 general elections the PTR/ PMSD campaigned on the slogan Putting People First and won on this basis. It’s high time for the population to draw the attention of the government to put the Nation first instead of their own interest for political survival in the forthcoming elections in 2015.

Par Anil Gayan
26 Mai 2014

It is simply incredible how much talk of cakes can fill reams of paper. You will recall the famous birthday party when the leader of the MMM (bloggers call it Mouvement Mickey Mauricien), Hon Paul R Berenger (PRB) put a piece of cake in Sir Anerood’s mouth as a sign that all was for the best in the world of REMAKE. Who could have doubted then that the hand that fed Sir Anerood was holding a dagger to kill the REMAKE. But that was then.

Par Rajoo Vithilingum
23 Mai 2014

In the era of decolonization many African countries gave up the written constitutions that the former colonial powers bequeathed to them. In the case of Mauritius the British heritage has remained intact because the Constitution, although not etched in gold, was well orchestrated to keep a plural society from disintegrating. Apart from a few important amendments – I count the introduction of the referendum as the most important one – our constitution has stood the test of time. Forty six years in the life of a new state is a significant length of time.

Par Ashvin Joymungol
20 Mai 2014

Following the presentation of the white paper on electoral reform by the Prime Minister, reform has become the buzz word of 2014. I will not write about the merits of this reform, since a lot of column inches and debates have already been and are still being devoted to this topic. I will like to focus on the areas where I believe major reforms are required and propose solutions for tackling these challenges.