Par Nemraj Suntah
19 Septembre 2014

The author sheds light on the current westminsterial system and the proposed semi-presidential system of the PTr/MMM. According to him, the functioning of the proposed system depends to a large extent on how well the powers are distributed among the key players so as to have a balance.

Par Eric Kerslay Melaine
18 Septembre 2014

À l’approche des élections générales, nous allons bientôt faire un choix décisif. L’auteur encourage les électeurs à faire un choix basé sur la raison plutôt que sur les émotions. Il estime que la presse devra, plus que jamais, jouer son rôle de garde-fou afin de présenter les faits aux citoyens.

Par Bipin HULMAN
12 Septembre 2014

When I came back to Mauritius a few months ago, I had to get a car to get around and I ended up getting a seven year old car. In the UK, where I spent a majority of my life, cars that are three years old and older are subject to an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test to prove that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Similarly in Mauritius privately owned vehicles that are seven years old or older have to go through a ‘‘fitness’’ test to prove that they are safe to drive and roadworthy.

Par M. Rafic Soormally
8 Septembre 2014

During the 2000 general elections, Navin Ramgoolam promised to remove Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ) as president. With reason, he never agreed to the power-sharing deal, commonly referred to as the MedPoint deal, between SAJ and Paul Bérenger whereby SAJ served the first three years as PM, with Bérenger PM for the remaining two years when SAJ became president following the planned resignation of president Karl Offman in 2003.

Par Sheila Bunwaree
4 Septembre 2014

The author comments on the ‘‘possible’’ political alliance between the PTr and the MMM. She brings to light the recent comment of the PM on an absenceof ideology in the press which begs the question whether he and his party or the traditional mainstream parties have an ‘‘ideology’’ at all.

2 Septembre 2014

Un mind-set shift. J’emprunte le terme à Mgr Desmond Tutu dans son exhortation aux Israéliens et aux Palestiniens à transcender leurs différends pour accéder à la paix. Mais, je n’emprunte que le terme. A Maurice nous savons que nous sommes pacifiques. Nous sommes le 11e pays le plus pacifique au monde et le 1e pays sub-saharien. Nous sommes pacifiques.


Par M. Rafic Soormally
29 Août 2014

Although the Mauritian Constitution does not spell out the citizen’s right to privacy, this does not mean that the Mauritian citizen has no right to privacy. Whether a country has a written or an unwritten (like the UK) constitution, every citizen has an inherent right to privacy. Privacy is also classed as a right under the European Convention of Human Rights. Even though PM Ramgoolam is a public figure, the sanctity of his home and family must be respected.

25 Août 2014

Je ne suis pas d’accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je me battrai jusqu’à la mort pour que vous ayez le droit de le dire.» – extrait de The friends of Voltaire de S. G. Tallentyre.

Par Lindsey Collen
23 Août 2014

The author throws light upon the terms «privacy» and «private life» in the context of the debate which popped up since the photos of the PM and a Labour Party agent came out.

Par Nemraj Suntah
20 Août 2014

The author shares his thoughts about the discussions between the leader of the opposition and Prime minister regarding an alliance. He also criticizes the behaviour of government officials, and pleads for the rise of “leaders who can place the interests of the common good above their own”.