Par Sushil Khushiram
19 Avril 2015

Reacting to the BAI scandal, Sushil Khushiram, minister of Financial Services during 2000-05, highlights the different lessons to be learned from this case. According to him, regulators should act in greater concert and deal with regulatory overlaps and gaps, amongst other things.

Par Dr Karlo Jouan
15 Avril 2015

In the case of a standard investment a business collects funds from people, spend these fund in the real economy to create value. Part of the value added is used to cover the costs and the rest constitute the reward for the investors. It happens that sometimes funds do not go directly to the real economy but are invested in financial assets like stocks of other companies.

Par Dayalan - Life actuary
14 Avril 2015

As I am writing this piece, the investigation into the BAI scandal is still ongoing, many financial leaders of the country have been interviewed and the policyholders still have no clue whether they will get their money back.

8 Avril 2015

Pour l’auteure, si la BAI a fauté, le gouvernement, bien qu’ayant eu le mérite d’avoir tranché dans le vif, doit assumer les manquements qui causent un immense désarroi actuellement. Il faudrait que chaque épargnant et participant aux diverses propositions de la BAI retrouve son argent, soutient-elle.

4 Avril 2015

By changing people’s mindsets and influencing decision makers with engineering data, new regulations can be introduced for all buildings in the Smart Cities to become Rain Cities. Furthermore, authorities should integrate the concept Rain cities in school curriculum, as our youngsters are the adults of tomorrow.

Par Philippe Hein
31 Mars 2015

On constate actuellement une demande pour une politique durable et des mécanismes de lutte contre la fraude et la corruption. Le rôle du whistle-blowing dans ce contexte n’a guère retenu l’attention à Maurice dans le passé. Mais il est notoire que c’est seulement grâce aux lanceurs d’alerte que des scandales ont été mis au jour…

Par Sushil Khushiram
31 Mars 2015

The main fiscal challenge of the 2015-16 budget is to cope with soaring expenses stemming from an increase in basic retirement pensions, and in employee compensation. The budgetary projections for the following years do imply a substantial fiscal correction by 2017-18, but this future adjustment scenario is more seductive than persuasive…

Par Grant Thornton
24 Mars 2015

Les experts de la firme d’audit Grant Thornton décortiquent le premier budget de l’Alliance Lepep présenté par le ministre des Finances, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo.

24 Mars 2015

The first budget presented by Minister Lutchmeenaraidoo is betting on growth, driven by readily implementable ‘mega projects’, a boost to the port sector, improvement in business facilitation as well as promotion of SMEs to tackle the challenges of social equity and job creation. Will these measures be sufficient to achieve a second economic miracle?

Par Armand Maudave
23 Mars 2015

Armand Maudave revient ici sur l’entretien que Chandra Jankee a accordé à l’express-dimanche le 15 mars dernier. S'il dit apprécier le franc-parler dans l’analyse de certaines options économiques, il juge cependant certains propos excessifs...