Par Ness FAIR
16 Avril 2014

This paper sheds light on the disparities that exist in the electoral system where high inequity lurks based on the population quota of a constituency. Unfortunately, the debate on the electoral reform omits this aspect.

Par Jayen Chellum Association des consommateurs de l’île Maurice
15 Avril 2014

From the intention first set out in Government programme 2005, it has taken 9 years for an in-depth review of all the legislations governing consumer protection and rights to take shape into a Bill. (…) This Bill repeals the current Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Trading Act and seems to amalgamate these two acts into the New Bill. It is not clear whether the Consumer Protection (Prices and Supplies control) Act. Act 12 of 1998 - 7 September 1998 is also repealed.

Par Johnson Roussety
11 Avril 2014

The publication of the White Paper on electoral reform by the Prime Minister’s Office is the occasion to make some observations for the correct representation of Rodrigues at the National level. Since independence, Rodrigues has been represented by two elected members at the National Level as a single constituency – Constituency No. 21...

Par Siva Palaythan
10 Avril 2014

Africa has been given all sorts of names for all sorts of reasons. Once known as the Dark Continent it was also treated as the “Hopeless Continent” by the Economist magazine. The same magazine revised its opinion a decade later to dub it as the “Rising Continent”.

Par Alain Harel
7 Avril 2014

Cher M. Sivaramen,

Je voudrais, après avoir pris un peu de recul, (attitude philosophique par excellence!) réagir à votre interview de Monsieur Michel Onfray dans l’express du 16 mars 2014, ainsi qu’aux propos de certains de vos lecteurs, suite à cette interview.

Par Shafick OSMAN
6 Avril 2014

Trois députés Rodriguais au lieu de deux, un pour Agalega et un autre pour les Chagos, un commissaire pour la gestion de St-Brandon et le droit de vote aux Mauriciens d’«outremer». Des mesures que l’auteur juge nécessaires après la présentation du «White Paper».

Par Darren Savarimuthu
4 Avril 2014

The story behind Yashika Bageerathi’s deportation from the UK has given many opinionated individuals a lot to talk about. There is, for instance, Ms Touria Prayag's opinion dated 3rd April 2014. Some speculate, a few see it as amusing while others see a sarcastic side to the matter. Surely, we need to lift our sights a little higher than that.

2 Avril 2014

This article looks at some crucial shortcomings of the present consultation paper and is guided by the public interest only. Reforms like this will impact the daily life of all citizens for the next 50 years. It must therefore be driven with great care and skill for the good of the community as a whole and not for a few parties or a few leaders only.

Par Anil Gayan
31 Mars 2014

The publication of the White Paper on electoral reform comes with a tactical advantage for the Prime Minister. He has succeeded in shifting the glare from the numerous scandals that are plaguing his Government. Everybody or nobody has an opinion on electoral reform.

30 Mars 2014

Une semaine après l’éclatement du scandale D.Y. Patil Medical College et l’implication avérée de l’époux de la ministre Bappoo, le ministre Jeetah a rompu son silence et a émis un communiqué, le mercredi 26 février 2014. C’est une tentative désespérée, maladroite et triste de la part du ministre Jeetah de se dédouaner de ses responsabilités directes et de créer une diversion.