Par Andre Wan Chow Wah
3 Juillet 2015

Ice, sometimes known as Black Death, is the name of the newly invented drug whose effects are rampant in Australia, particular in the eastern part of the country. I have not seen Ice being frequently enough mentioned in the newspapers in Mauritius. I will here briefly dwell on its frightful consequences of Ice abuse in society.

Par Yuvdish Rampadaruth
29 Juin 2015

My aim in writing this article is to stop animal cruelty because I was really sad when I heard what happened at MSAW.

Par Lindsay Rivière
24 Juin 2015

Un PTR immobilisé à cause de Ramgoolam. Un MMM contrôlé par un Bérenger qui ne veut pas faire de concession. L’auteur se demande s’il restera une opposition pour faire face à l’alliance Lepep au sein des municipalités et autres institutions publiques.

Par Rubina JM
22 Juin 2015

Dogs mercilessly tortured and taken to death. Many of us of were horrified at the video shot in the premises of the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare. This could be a wake-up call to the authorities, but also to us, civilians.

17 Juin 2015

On a flight from Paris last month, I read an article about the major American airlines mounting an attack against the four “superconnectors”, which are Emirates,Turkish, Qatar, and Etihad. Their gripe was that these airlines benefit from an unfair advantage in the form of subsidies, cheap loans, etc. The attack is unfair, and unlikely to lead anywhere...

12 Juin 2015

Que l’on adopte la démarche française ou anglaise pour tacler le «bullying», il semble nécessaire pour le droit mauricien d’évoluer pour se saisir de cette problématique qui trouve de plus en plus d’échos.

Par Jean Lindsay Dhookit
29 Mai 2015

Si les Allemands avaient remporté la guerre le 8 mai 1945, soixante-dix ans de cela, Maurice aurait probablement eu un destin bien différent. L’auteur nous plonge ainsi dans un univers où le troisième Reich débarque à Maurice pour apporter la paix.

Par Simon Appadu
27 Mai 2015

In most places, most of the time, democratic politics is the act of selecting the lesser evils. Elections hinge on undecided voters who weigh up options to gauge which has the least bad implications for their livelihoods. As a result, voters had chided PTR for their sour campaign with MMM.

Par Preetum Anauth
24 Mai 2015

You were given the opportunity to leave a wonderful legacy following that of the Father of the Nation. You won back to back elections. The Labour Party was handed to you on a platter without any contribution, but only because of a recognition of the great work done by Dr Seewoosagur Ramgoolam and his team.

22 Mai 2015

A look at some green initiatives in the USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil would be of interest to conceivers of Mauritius’ Smart Cities, says the author.