Tourisme : Un hôtel de luxe dans le sud sauvage à Mont-Blanc

Un promoteur envisage de construire un hôtel de luxe basé sur la relaxation et le bien-être à Mont-Blanc, dans le district de Grand-Port.

L’établissement, le North Oryx Ltd, comprendra 78 chambres, en sus d’un hôtel de luxe de 82 chambres. Les chambres seront réparties en chambres de luxe, suites, suites «executive» et villas, notamment.

L’établissement comprendra toutes les facilités à ce genre de complexe dont le traditionnel spa. Il sera situé sur un terrain de 14 hectares.



Gret | 12/24/10

-Il est grand temps d'arrter le btonnage de la cte, pour le profit de quelques promoteurs, et de prserver les endroits encore sauvages. Les touristes ne s'y trompent pas, il commence se murmurer que l'le a bien chang (et pas en bien)
Il ne faudrait pas tuer la poule aux oeufs d'or

Matapan | 12/24/10

-Mauritius is a place which reflects a lot of innocence through its people, light, landscape... One more hotel in the last remaining authentic south will kill the innocence still further. I still can't beleive it that Paul Branger was willing to destroy Valley of Ferney in the name of progress... I just hope that Mauritians will stand up to preserve their humanity with all its implications.

Scientist | 12/24/10

-When the eastern highway was planned to be developed, there were lots of protests for eg through Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. Today that the last remaining endemic forest is to be cleared partly, one wonders why there is a curious silence!

Avi | 12/25/10

-Nou tou pe plaigne la secheresse zordi. Koner ki fer. Acoze pe deboise partout pou faire place pou development sauvage. Nek get ene coup combien la terre agricole in disparaitre pou fer place beton. Maurice pe vine ene cimetiere beton. Et si deboisement continier le probleme de la secheresse pou vine pli aigue encore. Pa necessaire ene lotel dans le sud. In lere pou aret detruire maurice. Laisse so dimun vive en paix.

LOLO | 12/25/10

-Nous besoin arrte penser que le tourisme Maurice c'est seulement la plage, soleil et la mer. Besoin commence innover changer et developper le tourisme vert. Le seul coin sauvage qui reste maurice, c'est bien le sud. Le nord in finni pourri avec ton. Banne mauriciens besoin mobiliser pou arrete les constructions sauvage des hotels. Bien besoin preserve le peu espace vert qui reste. Prend l'exemple lors la reunion, qui p dveloppe le tourisme vert, car si nous continuer dans cette voie la, bientt, la Reunion pou dpasse nous en matire de tourisme. Missier Bhoda doit faire un tour de l'ile de La Runion, la cte les cirques, les montagnes, bref, il comprendra ce que c'est prserver patrimoine national, ce n'est pas pour rien UNESCO in dclare presque tout la reunion patrimoine protegs. Gouvernement bien besoin reflechi avant donne permis pour construire hotels ou tout espce batiment en beton,Zordi zotte pe tonner qui zordi na la scheress, perna dilo, et d'autre problmes lis l'environnement p lever.

RadioSud | 12/25/10

-Here we go again - another capitalist venture in the name of quasi-development and economic progress ready to spoil whatever remains of the ever decreasing circle of our natural beauty and wilderness. Such monstrosity of concrete jungle will eventually cause irreversible damage to our already fragile and ecological balance IF this project were to proceed ahead. Talk about Maurice-Ile Durable, well this will be the biggest farce and kiddology staring at ALL of us in the face! Whilst pontificating about eco-tourism and sustainable development, this Government must stop this short vision madness through strong leadership by declaring such pristine remains of wilderness as areas of outstanding beauty for future generations to enjoy. Otherwise in years to come, History will not take too kindly to their indecisiveness and lackadaisical attitude. Mont Blanc catastrophe will be for Labour what Ferney Valley could have been had MMM/MSM had their way for the new by-pass road. Good job the present PM stepped in to save the day! However, real credit is due originally to various pressure groups who fought tirelessly until commonsense finally prevailed when the incumbent PM took office. Therefore, both on ethical and moral grounds, it's imperative for all concerned to stop this madness lest it becomes another blot on the landscape! Quite right to argue the case against MPA for the displaced Chagossians in the highest Court, similarly it is important to use the same rule of law to redress matters against impending calamity on your doorsteps. If not, then all political talks will be meaningless and hollow promises as usually the case is!

Scientist | 12/26/10

After having had chopped a large number of filao trees which were greatly providing protection against sand erosion at the beginning of Mon Choisy beach, here comes Bodha with another scientifically narrow minded decision to start clearing our last endemic forest for development of hotel. Did he in the past approve GM food to enter our market without the consumer having the right of choice? To remember that many prestigious institutions like greenpeace are against GM food. Bodha appears to be in serious need of scientific education.

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