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Enquête de l’express-dimanche : Qu’est-ce qui lie Navin Ramgoolam et Nandanee Soornack ?

Comment Navin Ramgoolam et Nandanee Soornack sont-ils liés ? Depuis quand datent leurs relations ? L’express dimanche propose une enquête dans son édition du jour.

«Ce qui a été rapporté dans l’express dimanche est à trois quarts faux ».&nbsp L’enquête de nos confrères démarrent par ce démenti du Premier ministre, Navin Ramgoolam, dans une déclaration faite à l’hebdomadaire, vendredi 8 février.

L’express dimanche, dont c’est le premier numéro exempt du «gagging order» intérimaire qui l’a interdit pendant un mois de publier des informations sur la privée de Nandanee Soornack, affirme dans cette édition s’être « procuré des documents datant notamment de 2003 dans lesquels la nature des relations entre Nandanee Soornack et Navin Ramgoolam, alors leader de l’opposition, se précise. »





nitou | 02/10/13

i am not defending anyone but maybe these things should not be published now its enough sa la vie privee deux dimoune faire kimendir vina pas ti konne narien zot p koz sa ban zaffaire dans journal sa pou kasse menage un dimoune li pae ok a pm should be judge by his work which people are going to judge him ,his private life maybe he wanted to have a kid , si line fauter en protegent quelqune b citizen of mauritius pou judge him in other election

Benjamine | 02/10/13

Sa foto madame la paret ene ancien photo. The real one that she was before her emancipation from commoner life. In the famous lady in red photo she looks different from all angle and may be trying to copy veena's style. How disgusting ! May be we shd have a before and after comparison so that people can see how money, power and protection can take you to places. Specially if you get it all of a sudden.

Le Rat | 02/10/13

I mentioned several times to L'express that Nandanee looks beautiful on this photo and apparently someone at l'express is jealous of that too and has refused to publish an appreciative comment about her ! So childish ! LOL

Chacha | 02/10/13

Ti deja dir zot pas laisse sa piti la fer politik sinon malheur pou lor Maurice. Apres macarena roche Noire ala ???.

Tintin | 02/10/13

@Blake nuance mon cher Blake, Mazarine est ne en 74 soit 7 ans avant llection de Franois Mitterrand. Et la liaison avec la maman Anne Pingeot (issue dune riche famille industrielle comparable a la famille Michelin Clermont Ferrand) remonte dans les annes 50. La pipolisation des socits occidentales date dune quinzaine dannes, y qua voir lacharnement de certaines publications europennes sur la paternit de la petite Zorah, fille de lex Garde de seaux Rachida Dati.

Manav | 02/10/13

Navin ti dire Paul in faire 5 famille vine milliardaire avec deal illovo ek la famile Jagnauth in tap mega Jakpot avec Medpoint ! Si nu analyse situation bien Navin plis pire ki sa deux . ???? pe loger dans la caze colonial ki vaut 60 Million ek li gagne plisieurs contract lors plato. Kot sa banne cash la sorti ?? Ce avec cash lepep ki zot pe enrichi paski ena plisieurs scandale couma SICOM / GOOLJAURY TOWER dans le passer?

Jagdish2 | 02/10/13

Navin is a source of inspiration for apoor bloke like me.I work harder because I look forward to a superb sports cara beautiful friend .

ashwin | 02/10/13

C'est quand mme choquant le nombre de commentaires qui disent que cela relve de sa vie prive. S'il ne s'agissait que d'une liaison avec une autre femme, on aurait pu voquer la vie prive, qui ne concerne que lui et son pouse. Mais dans ce cas prcis, une personne s'est enrichie, a obtenu des contrats des organismes contrls par l'Etat. D'autres personnes liees ont obtenu des terres de l'Etat
Est-ce que Navin Ramgoolam l'a aid a s'enrichir avec son argent personnel? Il est gnralement question pour les dcideurs de dcliner leurs relations avec les personnes qui recherchent des contrats avec le gouvernement, afin qu'il ne soit pas partie prenante des dcisions, tel que Pravind Jugnauth l'a supposement fait lors des discussions de l'achat de la clinique Medpoint au Conseil des Ministres. N'y a t-il pas de conflit d'intrts lorsque des nomines politiques a la tte des organismes para-tatiques accordent des contrats a des proches du Premier Ministre.

Il faut expliquer a la population comment elle a decroch le contrat d' Airway Coffee.

On se demande toujours ce que l'ICAC attend pour annoncer une enqute !

Rish | 02/10/13

It's really disgusting . Labas Macarena party etc.... At least entemp ki premier minist li ti Bsin enn role model for every1.
Form 4 p vine capitalist e p gagn tou contract, graduates somere p asise Dan lacaz sans travay kan a PM pas p gagn tracas coz li trop busy ek so bann ???. Mo conne sa cinema la d debue.

RasCouyon | 02/10/13

Big LOL... incroyable sa ban commentaires ici la,mo pa ti croire ki autant Mauriciens kapav aussi certain p meme defendre 1 zafer kumsa.. li vine milliardaire alors qui li ti salesgirl kan sa personalite la pa ti au pouvoir.

jchadj | 02/10/13

@Blake Vous qui connaissez bien la vie de Mitterrand vous devriez savoir que a s'crit avec 2 r son nom. Les journalistes en France qui voulaient crire et publier des livres sur sa vie prive taient sur coutes tlphoniques et il y a mme un qui a eu une mort suspecte. Nous Maurice, les journalistes nous informent et ne sont pas sur coutes. Donc nous avons le droit de savoir ce qui se passe. Les journalistes de l'express font du bon boulot, sont intgres. Il n'y a qu' voir, tous les commentaires sont les bienvenus, quelque soit la couleur poiitique des uns et des autres. Tasse de th ou pas on a le doit de savoir ce qui se passe dans notre pays et surtout sur ceux qui nous gouvernent.

MBCTV | 02/10/13

Lexpress Dimanche is merely doing its duty.No more,no less!The public must know whether there has been 'maldone' in her transiting from poor girl to rich girl.If this was proven to be the case,then this becomes a matter for both the Police and ICAC to enquire into.That's the Law!The real question must then be who is /are at the root of the 'maldone'?Hence the need to read the behind the scene story from the top!And rightly so!The catalogue of corrption cases making the headlines does not helf the actors in that particular saga either!

Annick | 02/10/13

@rish 'what a shame'
'what a shame' in plain English means 'unfortunately'. Is that what you meant pal ?

Rakesh | 02/10/13

You should think to resign. We inculcate values to our children, they learn about our leaders from books . now you should explain in books that the appearance f our leader Navin is a fake one. shame on you

Mauritian | 02/10/13

She can be beautiful all day & all night long. She can be close to PM, the only persons concerned about this shd be the PM and and his spouse. The point is there is several people with high level of education who are struggling to find a decent paid job. NS ti pe vander dan Jaulim Plaza pa ine capave fer sa kantitez cash la. In some other comments u also mention that will vote PM"en block". This is ur choice and no one needs to know. Population envi konner ki fer fine jouir to sa lavantage la au detriment lezot Morisien. Livine riche par so proper zefor persone pa pu feel disadvantage.

Wordsworth | 02/10/13

Blake peut bien dire "Navin n'est pas ma tasse de th, mais qu'on lui foute la paix sur cette affaire. Qu'on le juge sur sa politique." Bravo, MAIS quand la /////en profite financierement au depens des citoyens, alors c'est du nepotisme, la corruption !!!!!!!!

Singh | 02/10/13


Rajen | 02/10/13


Chandal | 02/10/13

Why we should NOT have leaders who has illegetimate relations right and left where as its acceptable for a film star?

When you are a country's leader you take an oath and if you are lusty you will not only get corrupted but will not be able take action against things like gang rape and other problems because you are part of the lusty team.

I am thinking of how they are cheating on their spouse. Cheating on tax payers money, lack of decency and corrupting and getting corrupted for unstiable pleasure. Pants hanging by the knees actions in offices and on tables where decision of the country is being taken up.

Do you think anybody would like to send his wife or daughter or sister to work in an office where the leader is lusty and a women hunter. If we have guys like this on top then gang rape and "laisser aller " will very soon start to stink in the country.

The vicious circle develops when a leader will start looking for his source of uncontrollable pleasure and will start compromise on things instead of the countries pereference. To be a leader, honesty and morality is a requirement of the job specification. The moment you don't have it you leave.

"Et Zozo ramasse to ban slip ek capotte lev packet aller" for your spouse sake do it!

MBCTV | 02/10/13

The culture of macarena,manze bwar,dossiers dormi,bleed the people,kondir loto aswar,touni minwi,met la main dan la kess dates back to 1995!That is why Ramgoolam revoked the MMM in 1997 as the latter has been complaining acout his not doing his job as PM!Indeed,a lesson not learned by the MMM to date!

PimaConfus | 02/10/13

Ramgoolam a amplement dmontr qu'il est indigne de la magistrature suprme de par ses Macarena, Davos , ses abus de biens publics (longues vires mystrieuses outre-mer avec passage oblig par Londres largesses ....), ses drives dictatoriales (attaques contre la presse libre perscution d'opposants, de syndicalistes, d'activistes civils main-mise perverse sur des institutions cls comme la police, MBC, IBA, CAC, etc), . Pour parodier le lgendaire dirigeant chinois Deng Xiao Ping, "Il m'importe peu que le charbon soit noir ou qu'il soit blanc. C'est le rsultat qui compte". Donc, mille fois Brenger comme Premier Ministre! Bienvenu de retour au pays, cher patriote Paul! Nous comptons tous sur toi pour nous dptrer du cloaque o nous a foutu celui qui nous dirige actuellement

Pas pou dire | 02/10/13

Lovenight is moonday. Little by little more will be revealed. Banne agents PTR bizin prend l'example ar Nandanee. reste dans ou lacage , pas alle colle lafiche. Laisse Nandanee faire li parcequi linne gagne boubou et li pou encore gagner. I was a fool for having been an Agent all my life PE encore roulle lor jantes

Requin | 02/10/13

Ena bocoup dimoune pe coz la vie priver dans zot commentaires. mo penser ki zot banne activiste pm ou zot aussi fine gagne zot bout pou zot ou zot zenfan par banne method corrompu. Ici le problem ce ki par method corruption ki zot pe enrichi sa banne petit copain et copine. Pe servi l'argent ki mo paye tax pou ki gvma servi pou developement pays et salaire fonctionnaire dans transparence, egaliter et aide banne pli pauvre dans zot calvair. Si Chandra envie rempli poche so banne camarade li servi so l'argent et non pli au detriment banne des autre protege les petit copain et copine pou gagne contrat et terrain letat pou enrichir, sa apel CORRUPTION sa, li bizin step down couma premier minis.ICAC pas encore trouve le temp pou commence l'enquete.

subhash | 02/10/13

Navin combien pou cashiette ale guette maison madame ine enrichie dan floreal ...Li gagne body guards ki faire ? ..

The Banker | 02/10/13

This is a case of clear nepotism on the bedrock of hard working people, striving for a living in a honest way but alongside, have some lucky chaps benefiting of questionable wealth in a doubtful way, awaiting impatiently for the findings from ICAC but won't be surprised to read a no case to answer again ...

Rabin | 02/10/13

The Mauritian population will not accept contracts being given unfairly. WE need to know where are our TAX monies are going to.

Xander | 02/10/13

There are some blokes who will still vote Ptr 'en block' the eyes wide shut..may be because they are among those who are btaining contracts or other benefits from those people in power.Enough is enough.certains politiciens pe trop insulter l'intelligence du peuple .anyway,li pou inacceptable si ene salesgirl vine milliardaire grace a ban faveurs de l'etat. Ine baffouer droit du peuple .PM bizin demis sioner si li ena l'amour propre

RasCouyon | 02/10/13

@Monte Cristo : what is your point?my point was that some are stil defending this dirty affair.I find it unacceptable that some people are defending the fact that someone got all sorts of advantages from the government because she is linked to a high profile politician .As for us,even if we have the capital to start a business,going through the proper chanel,we will never get those contracts & licences( "permits") to operate,not even land on lease from the government.. btw,my pm is ur pm & I also hope he wil stop giving moral lessons in his speeches as he proved that he's the last person who knows about morality

Xander | 02/10/13

Where are the panzies from ICAC?what is MRA doing?big laugh because those institutions seem to act only selectively depending on political colour..what a joke this country is becoming.. we are regressing instead of progressing.. detrompe zot,economiquement nou ine ggn la chance parski euro ine baisser mondialement,c'est pa nou roupie ki fort,ale comparer ar les autres ban devise ki pane affecter ar crise economique zot ava realiser ki zis euro et dollars ki ine baisser mondialement et par extrapolation sa ine beneficier Maurice mais ale compare Roupie ar Yen japonais,dirham,dinars,franc swiss,dollar singapourien et tire zot propre conclusions,pa la cause mo 1 economiste mo p trouve sa,see for yourself

Hanukiah | 02/10/13

Please find out who was the tennant ar the airport before Airway coffee ? When these people get contracts , there is no issue but when others get government contracts there there is a need to create a pandemonium .Same situation for IPP and CT Power.

rabin | 02/10/13

prochain slogan electoral Navin...'vote mwa mo fer zot femme vine riche dan 100 zours'...

Ramanand | 02/10/13

Kifer nu tu pe pilinger kumsa.Navin finne dire li ouler fer ankor banne dimun pov vinne riche.Nandini finne viz gros depi 2003 kan li finne zouer kuma dan kazino big ou small.Dan eleksion 2005 big finne sorti ek Nalini finne gagne jalpot penan pu zalou.Aster Navin dixit enan akor place pu lezotte zoli madam pov pu kapav vinne riche avan eleksion 2015 ki zotte pe attan faites vos jeux mesdames

raj puddoo | 02/10/13

This country is not for the Ramgoolam or the Jugnath's family. If contracts were awarded to Ms Nandanee unfairly , it is wrong.Icac should investigate. These people should not act as if the countrey is theit private property. I mean the Ramgoolam and the Jugnauth. That is why I think it will be a good idea for Alan or Madun to be the next PM

Aman | 02/10/13

NCRso life priver gagne droit la pour li sa..ncr coner moricien un population mouton sa..comment li posible soornack gagne sa quantites l.argent fer icac pas l'enqueter dans so cas..MRAaveugle...navin donne li to cash..non plus ki to fer ??? are l.argent lepeuple

Mauritian | 02/10/13

Soornack ine bisin trouve so INNER qualities tres appreciable. These qualities are not visible to commoners. Ek emplis line tini osi longtan, bisin bane very good inner qualities. Sans oublier la grande generosite de la persone en question.

L'aigle | 02/10/13

Son Eminence le maulana Anas, son dpart,a dit de suivre le premier ministre.Le peuple voudrait savoir ce que le Halqua Quadia,son sponsor,a dire de son ingrence.

RajR | 02/10/13

Reducing the whole issue of NCR and NS to a debate about Private and Public lives for the sake of mere political mileage/party politics comparisons would be our gravest mistake. It will lead to nowhere for the society and its common people in the long run. Let us at the outset make the difference between protection of intimacy of ones private life and use of the law to hide the private misdemeanors, vice and lustful behaviours of public figures at the head of our institutions. Public figures, whether politicians or heads of institutions and corporations, have a foremost duty to serve as role model in society. Aussi simple que cela! Otherwise, why do they keep on racking our ears and brains with sound bites about values of respect, loyalty, effort, integrity and culture in all their discourses? This country is really full of utter hypocrites and paradoxes. And the some media are very consistent at nourishing these schizophrenic tendencies in us. Just see how we perform this duty. The same leader/ personality/ies whose travesty and immorality we are decrying (subtly or openly) at one end gets the privilege of having his double standard discourses on morality and values echoed simultaneously at the other end. How confusing for us to make a clear judgment out of these two versions! This happens continuously. Why this schizophrenic culture in our society? Out of fear or helpless urge not to fall out of favour with the power princes. At least the MBC is clear and unambiguous on this count. They consistently portray the prince in one light. The one that suits the agenda of the Prince. We, common man on the street, find it difficult to make sense out of a state of Compulsive Liars and its contrary. The ultimate conclusion that we can draw out of all these scandals and sagas is that we are living unmistakably in a system where a culture of impunity has become ALREADY FIRMLY established in our democracy to protect and bail out the powerful in this country for all their misdeamours, vices and immoral acts. Our watchdog institutions through their top most representatives, through omission or commission, are failing lamentably to act fearlessly and independently, except when it concerns small fries ( like it or not, this is the reality felt on the ground). Based on that, it is most appropriate that we focus an urgent attention to question ( not necessarily Condemn) candidly the workings of our institutions and their integrity and the independence of the post holders, especially the Judiciary, in order to correct effectively the negative imbalance in perception and thereby restore Trust. Same sort of actions should follow at the levels of ICAC, MRA, FIU and the Parliamentary Opposition (as shadow government) with regards its alternative programmes about Declaration of Assets/Interests, Safeguard of Public Morality, Ethics and Good Governance. And why not this clean up exercise . at the level of the media as well?

jugdev | 02/10/13

What a very good example from a pm. acause ene seule dimoune li pou alle change la loi e mete sa dan so lavantage. En general dimoune ki coquin ki peur

Thomas | 02/10/13

Mon cher Le Rat, quittez le navire tant qu'il est encore temps. Il est en perdition.

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